Courses Available This Term

Alpha Course

A great course to explore what Christianity is all about. It is suitable for anyone who has questions and would like to understand more about Christianity or for Christians wanting to revisit the foundations of their faith.

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Getting baptised is the perfect next step if you have made the decision to follow Jesus.

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DivorceCare Course

Been separated or Divorced? This course will help you heal from the hurt and move forward with hope. It is a caring environment led by people who understand what you are going through.

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Immerse is a unique opportunity for spiritual and leadership development for 18-21 year olds.

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Omega Discipleship

This course is for those who want to establish a solid foundation for their Christian life. They may be new Christians or Christians who have never been properly discipled in the foundations. The first  study summarizes the first essential step to Christ and what it...

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Other Courses Offered Previously

Beyond Alpha

  Deciding to accept and follow Jesus is the best decision we can make in our lives; in fact, it’s the first step we take into a life worth living. There is a God, the Creator of the Universe who wants us to know real fulfilment through living life the way He...

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This course is designed to assist couples seriously considering whether they should get married or who have already become engaged, to explore a range of key issues related to married life.

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The Reconnected Man 1

This series of 8 studies looks at how to connect more fully with your Heavenly Father and with your heart. Each chapter unfolds the journey step by step concluding with ‘Workshop Time’ – easy response questions exploring the topic personally and practically.

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The Reconnected Man 2

Continuing the journey, this second series of 9 studies looks at how to be more fully connected with your wife, with your children, with your earthly father, with other men, and with the Kingdom of God. Each chapter practical and powerful followed by ‘Workshop’ questions for personal use and group discussion.

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