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July 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024
  • Alpha

    Alpha is a multi-week course that creates a space where people come and discuss life’s big questions. We believe that everyone should have the chance to ask questions, explore faith and share their point of view. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation.

  • Beyond Alpha

    Deciding to accept and follow Jesus is the best decision we can make in our lives; in fact, it’s the first step we take into a life worth living. There is a God, the Creator of the Universe who wants us to know real fulfilment through living life the way He intended, with Him. But what does this look like practically?  How can I know God more?  How can I grow my relationship with Him? How can I live life to the full?

    This 7-week series provides a foundation of what it means to be a Christian, how to continue growing and how to live out the new life we have in Jesus.

    Each week we will get together for dinner, watch a segment from the Alpha Film Series (not covered in the Alpha Course), discuss the topic, biblical basis and application.  After each session, further questions will be raised for thought throughout the week which will supplement the discussion in the following session.

    Course Duration: 7 weeks

    Got Questions? Reach out via alpha@bridgeman.org.au

    Check out the calendar above for upcoming course dates and to register!

  • COACH Mentoring

    COACH ‘Life Mentoring & ‘Financial Mentoring’ sessions are regularly available to assist in managing difficult situations.

    For more info email: coach@bridgecare.org.au

  • Disciple-Making & Mentoring Course

    A 3-week training series

    Showing you how to be a disciple, and make a disciple.

    A 3-week series that will show how to turn believers into disciples, and disciples into disciple-makers.

    Providing you with a discipleship pathway to follow, and the tools to use to bring transformation and spiritual growth.

    A series that will inspire and equip you to grow, and help others grow as disciples of Christ.

    Ideal for home-group leaders, and any who want to disciple others through one-to-one,or small group discipleship

    Course dates:

    When: Monday May 27, June 3 & 10

    Time: 7.30pm

    Where: Meeting Room 1 & 2

    Cost: $15 (for the leaders training manual)

    Facilitator: Ian (& Diane) Malins

    Ian & Diane are part of Bridgeman church, andfounders of Omega Discipleship Ministries – an international ministry reaching into many countries of the world with training resources in disciple-making.

    They have been speakers at international discipleship conferences, and have conducted disciple-making seminars with pastors and church leaders in many countries – including Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, South Pacific Islands, New Zealand. and Australia.

    As well as developing this cyclical discipleship training series, Ian is also the author of ‘The ‘Reconnected Man’ series being used in our church’s men’s ministry.

  • DivorceCare

    DivorceCare is a safe place where caring people come alongside you as you find healing from the pain of separation or divorce.

    DivorceCare is run in 15,000+ churches worldwide and at this 13-week, video-based support group program, you’ll find helpful counsel to manage the emotional turmoil and practical tools for decision-making.

    Many of your family and friends don’t fully understand what you are going through, and don’t know how best to help you. Our group is led by people who have experienced your pain, and can help you deal with the hurt, and help you rebuild your life.

    There are three key parts to your Divorce Care experience:

    - Video seminar – featuring leading divorce recovery experts

    - Support group – small group discussion about the weekly video content and the issues faced by individual group members

    - Workbook – notetaking, journaling and personal study exercises. 

    What you will find at a DivorceCare course?


    People at DivorceCare understand how you’re feeling and what you’re struggling with—because they’re facing similar challenges. Everyone’s story is different, and you’ll be accepted right where you are, in a safe place.


    It’s so comforting to know you’re not alone and that you’re going to be okay. Through the videos and small-group discussion time, you’ll hear from people who have felt there’s nothing left to look forward to—and now they’re starting to smile again. They’ll help you do the same.


    Each week, you’ll watch a 30-minute video filled with practical suggestions from counsellors and other experts on divorce recovery. Plus you’ll hear from people who have experienced a marriage breakup and who share what’s helped them. Their insights will help you make wise decisions as you move forward.


    When everything feels chaotic, DivorceCare’s structured approach provides stability. It helps you organise your thinking and manage your emotions. Each group is built around three main parts that work together to provide the most effective healing experience: video, group discussion, and a participant book for practical application.

    Course Length: 13 weeks

    Got Questions? Contact the team via: divorcecare@bridgeman.org.au


    When: 10 July 2024

    Duration: 13 weeks

    Where: Bridgeman Baptist Church - The Studio

  • Pre-Marriage Course

    This course is designed to assist couples who are seriously considering whether they should get married or who are already engaged, to explore a range of key issues related to married life.

    If you’re like most people you prepare and plan for many things in life: education, career, retirement and holidays. And most couples spend up to 250 hours planning their wedding, but very little time, if any, planning for married life.

    There are many things you can do to begin building a lifelong, happy marriage. Investing in your relationship before you are married will reap rewards for many years to come.Over five sessions of the course, you will discover practical tools to help you build the foundations for a lasting marriage.

    You will look at:

    - Communication

    - Conflict

    - Commitment

    - Connection

    - Adventure

    Course Duration: 5 weeks

    Got Questions? Reach out via hello@bridgeman.org.au

    Check out the calendar above for upcoming course dates and to register!

  • Marriage Course

    The Marriage Course has been run in over 127 countries for over 1 million couples and consists of two courses: The Marriage Course and The Pre-Marriage Course. The Marriage Course was developed in 1996 by Nicky and Sila Lee for couples who are married or in a long-term relationship seeking practical support to strengthen their relationship, keep the spark alive and stay connected.

    Over seven sessions, the course covers:

    - Strengthening Connection

    - The Art of Communication

    - Resolving Conflict

    - The Power of Forgiveness

    - Love in Action (run privately in your own time)

    - Good Sex (run privately in your own time)

    - Influence of Families

    Start date: Monday 15 April 2024

    Duration: Seven weeks

    Location: In-Person (2 weeks) + Online (5 weeks)

    Cost: Free! Dinner and child minding provided!

    Got Questions? Reach out via hello@bridgeman.org.au

  • Re-Connected Man

    Re-Connected Man runs bi-annually and is an 8-week series helping all men to connect more fully with your Heavenly Father and with your heart. It will show you how to reclaim your heart – that inner wellspring of life from which everything else flows and the essential starting place for every man who wants to be all that God calls him to be.

    Course Duration: 8 weeks

    Got Questions? Reach out via hello@bridgeman.org.au

    Check out the calendar above for upcoming course dates and to register!


    Bridgeman Baptist is proud to partern with ITA Australia in the offering of the TESOL Course.

    ITA has been delivering Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) courses over the past 22 years with graduates teaching in over 23 countries around the world. The course provides students with an internationally recognised certification and the practical skills needed to become a language teacher in any country.

    $1700 + love offering

    Training Includes

    - Skills to teach interactively online & face to face

    - Practical teaching skills

    - Real Classroom Practice

    Australian Government Accreditation

    11025NAT Certificate IV in Teaching An Additional Language - TESOL

    Intercultural Training Australia in collaboration with the Australian College of Career Development. RTO: 31980

  • The Parenting Children Course

    For parents and guardians looking to best support their family.

    Family life is under great pressure today and parents face bewildering choices about how to parent effectively. Discovering we are not alone in the challenges we face and picking up ideas from other parents can make a huge difference. We can all learn how to make even the happiest family better.

    This course is for any parent or carer of children, whether they consider themselves to have strong parenting skills or are struggling, and whether they are expecting their first child, are a single parent or a step-parent.

    The Parenting Children Course is a series of five sessions designed to help parents and carers of 0 to 10-year-olds, and parents-to-be, equip their children for life by looking at: 

    - Building Strong Foundations

    - Meeting our Children’s Needs

    - Setting Boundaries

    - Teaching Healthy Relationships

    - Our Long-Term Aim

    Course Length: 5 weeks

    Got Questions? Reach out to Nerisha via nerisha@bridgeman.org.au

    Check out the calendar above for upcoming course dates and to register!