About us


We believe God has given us the verse from Luke 9:11 to be the vision of our church, ‘Jesus welcomed the crowds, spoke to them about the Kingdom of God and healed those who needed healing.’  Our vision is to reach many people with the good news of Jesus through welcoming, telling and healing.  This commitment begins first with the lives entrusted to our care here at Bridgeman, then to our community and also to those places locally and globally where the Holy Spirit directs us to both strengthen and establish His church.  Our aim is to present Christ in a contemporary, credible and caring way and produce committed, contributing followers of Jesus Christ.

Here are some of the more specific visions which God has given us for the next ten years :

  • To see another generation of children and young people raised up with a heart to love and serve God
  • To be a church where the crowds are personally welcomed and loved
  • To have a deep commitment to sharing the good news
  • To be a church that actively seeks to heal those who need healing
  • To be a church which keeps growing a strong and passionate heart for prayer and worship
  • To disciple, train, and mentor in order to equip and bring to maturity those in the body
  • To care for the homeless in our community and world
  • To plant churches and work with others who have a heart to see the church established locally and globally

Our genuine desire is to be a church which is passionate about our relationship with Christ, and obedient to the direction of the Holy Spirit.  As a group of God’s people, we want to live humbly and be known as a church where everyone is accepted, loved, served and encouraged.

We believe that faith in Jesus brings the forgiveness, purpose and hope for which all humanity is seeking.

We believe it is important to live humbly and be known as a church where everyone is accepted, loved and served.

We believe that Christian faith should be relevant to everyday life and so we worship in a contemporary and informal way.

We believe it is necessary to put our Christianity into practice by caring for each other and helping our community and world.