Wonder Conference

We can’t wait to be joining together again this year for our annual Wonder Conference to be encouraged celebrate what God is doing in and amongst women in this community. Make sure you round up all of the beautiful ladies in your life to enjoy our Wonder Women’s Conference!

We are thrilled to announce our special guest speaker, CEO of Baptist World Aid, Melissa Lipsett who is eager to share with us about God’s calling on our lives.

The ‘Wonder Girls Conference’ will be happening in parallel again for high school girls in grades 7-12, also starting at 2pm in A1 before heading to A2 for an afternoon of worship and fun!

WHO: You & women of all ages

WHEN: Saturday 29 October, 2022 (2:00 – 7:30pm)

WHERE: Bridgeman Baptist Community Church (A1)


29 OCTOBER 2022

Meet our Speaker…

Melissa Lipsett may have made her small mark in history by becoming the first female CEO of Baptist World Aid Australia in its 63-year history, but she’s making big plans to answer God’s call to create a world without poverty.

Originally from country Victoria, Melissa’s leadership journey began when she joined the Royal Australian Navy at age 17. At 20, a Navy Chaplain introduced her to the Bible and she chose to follow Jesus. Subsequent to her Naval career, Melissa earned a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Ministry and served in pastoral ministry on the Gold Coast before moving to Sydney to work with Bible Society Australia prior to her work with Baptist World Aid Australia.

Her extensive global leadership experiences include mission and ministry in Asia (China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand), Eastern Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Central and South America, and Africa. She is at home in cross-cultural experiences and holds a deep appreciation and respect for working alongside First Nations people.

Melissa sees the holistic approach of Baptist World Aid’s work as an integral response to Christ’s call to ‘the least of these’ (in Matthew 25:40) and she particularly wants to draw attention to the plight of women and girls, making the improvement of their lives part of the organisation’s latest strategic plan.

“As a woman CEO, I am passionately drawn to the inequality I see for women and girls around the world, particularly the poorest places of the planet; and so, yes, under my leadership, we have named women, and certainly women and children, as a major priority for us,” she said.

‘Women and children who bear the brunt of the widening inequality and economic dignity gap, and in countries that are most affected by economic challenge, climate and environmental crises—all represent both the brokenness of the world and the opportunity God invites us to address,’ she said.

With a lifelong commitment to helping people know and reflect the love of Jesus, Melissa brings a lived wisdom and passion to Wonder Conference this year She has long been committed to—and known for—excellence and integrity in her public speaking, leadership, advocacy, pastoral and practical theology.

We can’t wait for you to meet her…

We’ve got a podcast…

In an exciting first we’re beginning a series of conversations in the lead up to the conference. You’ll be able to listen to the great stories of ‘Wonder’ women on Spotify and Apple Podcasts