About sixty years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, the young Church was facing hard times—and they were only getting harder. The Roman emperors began to demand worship from their subjects, and hostility toward Christians was on the rise from many directions. The temptation to compromise their faith was, for some, becoming too great.

In this time of persecution and hardship, the book of Revelation was born. 

In the midst of the storm, Jesus speaks through the pen of the apostle John, with urgent and practical words-words that remain full of application for us today. He is speaking to churches living on the brink of uncertainty, at risk of destruction. His rebukes are sharp; his encouragements are steely and resolved.

Though to us the book of Revelation may seem to be a cryptic collection of apocalyptic prophecies, to these seven churches it delivered urgent and practical messages—and the words John had for them remain full of meaning and application for us today.

We hope that you’ll dig deeply into these verses as you seek to understand what they were saying two thousand years ago, and what they are saying to you today. You’ll come to understand in a new and exciting way God’s heart for His church, in John’s day and in our own.

Join us for this 4 week series commencing Sunday 21st June.

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