Are you in need of technical help? We are here to help! We want to assure that everyone can feel connected and linked into the Bridgeman community throughout this time of isolation. 

Whether it is trying to connect into one of our live streamed services or connecting with a connect group or prayer meeting via zoom you can find out all you need to know here.

Check out the helpful hints, tips and tutorials below for a range of topics. And for questions we don’t have answers to below you can fill out an enquiry form and one of our tech experts will get in touch with you on the best way to help.


How can I view a Bridgeman Service online?

We have three ways you can best connect with us for one of our Sunday Live Streamed Services. Click the options below to be taken to our three platforms.

Once our live services have concluded you can continue to replay our services on Facebook and Youtube.

How can I sign up for a connect group?

Signing up for a connect group can be a really simple process with our online sign up form. Most groups are meeting using Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or another video sharing platform. 

Click here to search for groups in your area and one of our team will get in touch with you to welcome you into a group.

How can I join a prayer meeting?

It is easy to join a online prayer meeting at Bridgeman. In this current season we re using the Zoom Platform to connect together online.

Watch the below participant tutorial or click here to learn how you can connect online.

Check out the current prayer meetings running here.

Video Tutorials

Zoom Participant Tutorial
Zoom Connect Group Leader Tutorial