Where do your plans fit? PM service

Jono Harris May 1, 2022

Date: 01.05.2022

Pastor Jono Harris continues our church-wide series “James: faith in action” with “Where do your plans fit?”

The letter of James is grounded in the grace of Jesus. God wants to lead us through our lives, from A to B. Where is God in your plans? How do you fit in God’s plan for you? Where is your security? Do you really trust Him? Who knows best? Where is the safest place to be? Where is your foundation? What are you holding on to?

Passages: James 4: 13-17, Prov 3: 5-6, 2Tim 2: 13, Ps 39: 4-5, Rev 22: 13, John 1: 3, Matt 7: 24-27, Matt 5: 3-16, Is 55: 8-9, Luke 22: 42

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