Unanswered Prayer

Andrew Carnell March 7, 2021

Date: 07.03.2021

We share Communion as part of the worship.

Pastor Andrew Carnell continues our “Teach us to pray” series from “The Prayer Course” with “Unanswered Prayer”

God moves through our prayers but there is a mystery in prayer. Sometimes there seems to be no answer. It can be difficult when prayers are not answered, it can be faith shaking. Where is God? There may be a clash of wills, ours and God’s. Jesus wrestled with his Father’s will. We can pour out our pain. May you know the love of God. God does have a purpose. “May Your will be done”

The service closed with “Goodness of God

Passages: Matt 6: 9-15, Mark 14: 32-36, Is 53: 3, Is 55: 8-9, Rom 15: 30, Eph 3: 16-19, 2Cor 1: 8-9, Phil 1: 12-13, 2Cor 1: 3-4, Gen 39: 2

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