Trusting God in Trial

Peter Sweetman February 27, 2022

Date: 27.02.2022

Pastor Peter Sweetman brings the message in our church-wide “James: Faith in Action” series, “Trusting God in Trial”

Is God good? What about the injustices of this world? What draws us near to God? How do we face trials and temptations?  Who is at fault? Could it possibly be us? Is there a bait, something luring you? God is totally trustworthy! Where does goodness come from? How can we face difficulties? Will you call on Him?

Passages: James 1: 12-18, Gen 3: 11-12, 1Cor 10: 13, James 4: 7, 1John 1: 5, James 1: 5, Eph 1: 13-14, Ps 34: 8

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