To Save Sinners

Nathan Harris November 17, 2019

Date: 17.11.19

Pastor Nathan Harris brings the first message in our new series ‘He Came’. This week’s title is ” To Save Sinners”.

Summer is here, Christmas is on the way. What does Christmas mean? Jesus is the friend of sinners. Jesus’ mission is to rescue us. Why did God send us a saviour? Who is the worst sinner you know? What does Paul have to say? We need to be aware of our need for Him.

The service closed with “The Passion”  

Passages: 1Tim 1: 12-17, Matt 1: 20-21, Matt 9: 11-13, Acts 38: 3, Acts 9: 1-2, Luke 18: 9-14, 1Cor 15: 9, Eph 3: 8, 1Tim 1: 15, Luke 11: 2

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