The Kingdom of God is Here Today

Dan Moura March 27, 2023

Pastor Dan Moura shares the message “The Kingdom of God is Here Today”

What would it have looked like for Jesus to pray His Prayer? What do people bring to Him? What does He bring to them? And what are the results? Do you know the Kingdom of Heaven? What is your reality? How are you facing the day? What food does Jesus offer? How can we receive it? Do you see the sign? Will you eat the bread of life, will you believe in Him? Do you believe in the Father? There is no life apart from Jesus.

Click to view this week’s passages: John 14: 23, John 6: 26-40, John 4: 34, John 6: 41-51, 57, John 20: 21-23, 2Cor 5: 14-15, Gal 2: 20

Date: 26.03.2023

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