The Holy Spirit

Jono Harris October 3, 2022

Date: 02.10.2022

Pastor Jono Harris continues our sermon series, “Alpha Sundays” with “The Holy Spirit”

Who is the Holy Spirit? What is the Holy Spirit’s ministry? We don’t need to understand all the things of God. Trust and let faith kick in. God changes lives. What is God’s desire? God the Father sent God the Son to save us. Jesus left us at the cross, but birthed God the Holy Spirit, to dwell within us. What does He bring and do in us?

Passages: Is 55: 8-9, Gen 1: 1-2, Col 1: 16, Judges 6: 14-16, 34, 1Cor 2: 14, John 14: 6, John 3: 6-7, Luke 3: 16, John 16: 7, Acts 2, Joel 2: 28-29, Eph 5: 18, Gal 5: 22-23, 2Cor 3: 17, 1Cor 12: 7-11, Acts 1: 8, Eph 1: 19-20

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