The Grace of Giving

Nathan Harris November 8, 2020

Date: 08.11.2020

Today we hear from Sally Contessi from QB about ‘Stand Sunday.’ Visit

Pastor Nathan Harris continues our “Let Light Shine Out Of Darkness” series with “The Grace of Giving”

Nathan opens with a moment of prayer. What is God’s perspective of giving? What is you view on money? Money can be a source of conflict. Money can also unify. Money is a Spiritual issue, God cares deeply how we deal with money. All we receive is by God’s grace. Are you an owner or a steward? What is your priority? Where is your heart?

The service closed with “The Passion

Passages: 2 Corinthians 8, Matt 5: 45, Job 41: 11, 1Cor 10: 26, Matt 17: 27, Matt 6: 21

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