The Crux of the Matter

Nathan Harris March 27, 2023

As we lead into Easter, Pastor Nathan Harris shares “The Crux of the Matter”

Why did Jesus have to die?
What were the symbols used by the early believers? Why was the cross central to the Christian faith? Much of the Gospels is devoted to the passion narrative. It isn’t just the New Testament; the Old Testament also points to the cross. There is a scarlet tread through the scriptures. What made the cross offensive? What is the power of the Cross? The victory. The wisdom of God. Sacrificing for others. What about crossed fingers? Luck has absolutely nothing to do with it. Come to the foot of the cross and receive Jesus as your saviour, experience the Power of the Cross.

Click to view this week’s passages: 1 Cor 1: 18-31, 2: 1-5, Mark 8: 31-33, Gal 5: 11, Col 2: 15, 1Peter 2: 24, Col 2: 13-15

Date: 26.03.2023

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