The Big News

Peter Sweetman July 26, 2021

Date: 25.07.2021

Pastor Peter Sweetman continues our “Who do you say I am?” series in Mark with “The Big News”

There are some big questions and answers that significantly change your life. What was St Peter’s answer to our big question? Is that who you believe Jesus is? What does the evidence say? Then and now? There is a big calling on us all. What is your heart, your answer to the question?

Passages: Mark 8: 27-30, 1: 27, 42, 2: 5, 28, 4: 39, 5: 41, 6: 41, 44, 49, 14: 61-64, 3: 21, 22, 6: 3, 8: 31-38, Phil 3: 7-9

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