Share in His Holiness

Dan Moura November 14, 2021

Date: 14.11.2021

Pastor Dan Moura concludes our ‘Jeremiah: Hope for the Future’ series with “Share in His Holiness”

God has done so much for His people, yet they turned away. God still has a plan. No discipline is pleasant. What brings joy to your heart? What brings fullness to joy? What is God always doing? And what has man done? Yet we have the good news of Jesus! There is grace for the humble.

Passages: Jer 29: 11, Heb 12: 4-14, Acts 3: 13-15, 2: 36-39, 1Pet 5: 5-6, Luke 17: 5-10, Heb 12: 1-3, 2Cor 5: 6

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