Servant Hearted Humility AM service

Andrew Carnell February 27, 2023

Pastor Andrew Carnell shares the message from our “Your Kingdom Come” series ‘Servant Hearted Humility’

What are we praying in this series? What do we lose living in our day? What is the power of a King? What is the heart of Our King, Jesus? How does He use his power? He has a different kingdom. How did He come? Why? What does He do? What did He do at the Last Supper? How did He approach the Cross? Why did He come? What is one of the keys to life? What are we to do with power? Will you make Jesus King?

Click to view this week’s passages: Phil 2: 1-11, John 13: 1-5, Mark 10: 42-45, Matt 10: 39, Gal 2: 20, Eph 3: 16-17, Col 1: 27, Rev 4

Date: 26.02.2023

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