Rev Neil Bernard May 11, 2022

Date: 11.05.2022

Rev Neil Bernard concludes our “Ruth: there is a Redeemer” series with “Redemption”

What does it mean to redeem? What is the biblical meaning? God cares for widows. He put a plan in place to aid them, to support the family. Boaz understood the law and then it all “just so happened”. Why Mr So & So pass on this opportunity? And then there were blessings. And where did this all lead?

The Lord wants to bless you.

Passages: Ruth 4, Deut 25, Gen 13, Josh 1: 3, 1Cor 1: 30, Gal 3: 13, Eph 1: 7, Col 1: 14, 1Peter 1: 18-19, Tit 2: 14, Rom 8: 23, Eph 1: 14

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