Prevailing Prayer AM service

Peter Sweetman March 13, 2023

Pastor Peter Sweetman continues our “Your Kingdom Come” series with ‘Prevailing Prayer’

What is prayer? Is it really that important? ‘Prayer is the most important ministry of the church’. Why? What is intercessory prayer? Prayer really does make a difference. Prayer releases heavenly power! It involves us in Kingdom works. Prayer changes history.

Click to view this week’s passages: Ex 17, 9: 23, 29, Ex 17: 11-13, Gen 1: 27-28, Eph 2: 1-2, Col 1: 13-14, Eph 2: 10, Acts 4: 23-31, Ps 2: 1-2, Acts 4: 25-26, 28, 31, Acts 5: 14

Date: 12.03.2023

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