Palm Sunday

Rev Dr Peter Francis April 3, 2023

Rev Dr Peter Francis, principal of ‘Malyon College’, shared our “Palm Sunday” message.

Even when we are faithless, God remains faithful. Today we join Jesus as He makes his last journey into Jerusalem. What were those in the crowd thinking? What was their backstory? What is Jesus’ backstory? What was Zacchaeus’ backstory? What is your backstory? Some didn’t want Jesus to be their King. Some wanted to design a King of their own. And some want peace in their hearts. What is the cost of our peace? The death of Jesus. Are you longing for peace with God and peace within? Will you humbly surrender your life to the King of Peace?

Click to view this week’s passages: Luke 19, Ps 118, Rev 7: 9-10

Date: 02.04.2023

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