Nathan Harris November 21, 2021

Date: 21.11.2021

As we celebrate Thanksgiving Sunday, Pastor Nathan Harris concludes our ‘Jeremiah: Hope for the Future’ with ‘Our ULTIMATE HOPE IN JESUS’

We have gone through a challenging season, yet we still have so much to be thankful for. There can be a deeper meaning in many stories. What do they really represent? Where does Jeremiah point us to? What are the similarities of Jeremiah and Jesus? Where does the evidence lead us? How do we find the new righteousness?

Passages: Jer 23: 1-6, 31: 31-34, Luke 22: 20, Heb 9: 15, Rom 3: 10-12, Rom 3: 21, 1Cor 1: 30-31, 2Cor 5: 21

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