Lead us not into temptation

Matt Sweetman April 12, 2021

Date: 11.04.2021

Pastor Matt Sweetman continues our ‘Teach us to pray’ series with “Lead us not into temptation”

Matt starts with a short history lesson. What would you do in that moment? Who overcomes the world? Evil tempts us, it creates even more evil. It is the cycle of sin. We can overcome this through Jesus in prayer. Do not face the test by yourself. The test strengthens you.

The service closed with “God I Look To You

Passages: 1John 5: 3-5, Matt 6: 9-13, James 1: 13-14, 1Peter 4: 7, 5: 8, Matt 26: 40-41, 39, Acts 5: 40-41, Is 53: 7, 1Cor 10: 13-14, James 1: 2-4, Ps 22: 1-5, 2Peter 2: 5, Acts 2: 24, 1Peter 1: 6-7, 4: 13

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