Jesus in the Garden

Peter Sweetman March 29, 2020

Date: 29.03.20

Pastor Peter Sweetman brings the first message from our “3 days that changed the world” series with “Jesus in the Garden”

We are missing all of you. We are facing a very different Easter. What was the first Easter like? How are we going to live our lives as we face the great tests of life? Pray, pray, pray. Jesus did! What did He pray? What will you do? Will you pray LOUD?

The service closed with “God I Look to You”

Passages: John 11: 16, Luke 25: 53, Luke 22: 18, Luke 22: 39-46, Mark 14: 33-34, Job 21: 20, Is 51: 22, 2Cor 5: 21, Ex 32: 14, 2Kings 20: 1, 5-6, Mark 14: 36, Matt 26: 33

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