Intercession – May Your Kingdom Come

Peter Sweetman February 28, 2021

Date: 28.02.2021

Pastor Peter Sweetman continues our “Teach us to Pray” series based on “The Prayer Course” with “Intercession – May Your Kingdom Come”

When do you find prayer most enjoyable? There is a danger if you only focus on the enjoyable. Prayer is also a call to action. What is the devine rule? What can get in the way? ‘What is a black hole’? In Jesus we have a real King: a servant King. Jesus can fill any black hole. Invite Him: surrender. Pray your compassion for others. When people pray, what happens? Get informed, inspired, indignant and in sync.

The service closed with “God Of Revival

Passages: Matt 6: 9-13, Ps 145, Ps 47: 8, Mark 1: 15, Col 1: 13-14, Acts 4

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