In Who’s Power?

Travis Grainger July 17, 2023

Pastor Travis Grainger shares tonight’s message, “In Who’s Power?”

Can you keep up with the current trends? Are you on trend? ‘It’ catches up, and passes you. Anyone can be a social media influencer, in so many categories. The more followers, the more power. Jesus has been referred to as the GOAT, the greatest of all time. How did this come about? What is so special about Jesus? He has called us to be influencers for His kingdom. How? Do you fear not doing it right? You have power, the power of God, walk in step with the Spirit. Who can you disciple?

Click to view this week’s passages:  John 6: 35-40, Acts 1: 8, Eph 3: 16, Rom 8-: 11, Eph 1: 18-20, 1Pet 5: 1-3, Phil 2: 6, Phil 3: 10, Col 1: 10-11, 2Tim 1: 7-8

Date: 02.07.2023

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