God’s Grief and God’s Grace

Andrew Carnell September 26, 2022

Date: 25.09.2022

Pastor Andrew Carnell brings the message, “God’s Grief and God’s Grace” from our Genesis series.

Who was Noah? What was the world like before and after the great flood? How are we to read the Bible? How can know God more fully? Where does violence lead? Sin hurts! What is happening in God’s heart? Judgement is coming, there is a long warning, yet what is the people’s response? Are you safe and secure in your life with Jesus? Jesus is our ark, our saviour, our fresh start. There is a way, an invitation.

Passages: Gen 6: 5-14, 17, 7: 4-5, 11, 21-23, 9: 11-16, Ps 145: 8, Matt 24: 37-39, 1Peter 3: 18-22, 1John 1: 9, Rom 10: 9, 2Cor 5: 17

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