Give It Up

March 28, 2021

Date: 28.03.2021

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday and as we remember those in our emergency services we hear from Gary Raymond OAM. Gary is a retired Chief Inspector from NSW police and current police and ambulance chaplain and he encourages us to “Give It Up”

Gary has seen God work in the darkest situations. We can all join in a ‘siren’ prayer for our emergency services. It can be hard to “give up”, but you can give in to Jesus and gain His strength. We are all in a siege, the Fall, resisting Jesus. And who do we blame? What does it mean to surrender to God? Give it up and find peace. Gary shares many “its” to give up. And also some to not give up.

The service closed with “How Great is Our God

Passages: Mark 11, Heb 11: 25, Heb 3: 15, 2Cor 5: 17, 1John 1:10, Rom 6: 23, Matt 4: 17, Luke 5: 32, Rom 5: 8, Eph 2: 8-9, John 3: 16

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