For such a time as this

Jodi Traves March 3, 2021

Date: 03.03.2021

Today at “inspire” we meet this year’s intern intake. We hear what drew a couple of the interns, Jacob & Jordan, to take this step.

Jodi shares a message to inspire us “For such a time as this.”

Why does Jesus continue to raise people up? What impact can a group raised by Jesus can have? Who was Esther? What influences did she have? You can go deeper into this story. God chose you, me, us to reveal the salvation on offer, His grace and kindness.

The service closed with “How Great Thou Art”

Passages: James 1: 12, Ps 37: 23-24, Est 2, 3: 13, 4: 13-14, Eph 1: 11, 1Pet 12: 9, Eph 2: 10

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