Faith Through Doubt

Trish Lane October 30, 2019

Date: 30.10.19

Pastor Trish Lane shares a message of “Faith Through Doubt”

How much does Peter trust Trish? How is your confidence in your faith? Is it changing? What creates doubt? Why are kids leaving the church? Can you still be a Christian and have doubt? What is essential to our faith? What do we need for our orthodoxy: how we walk in faith? Can faith and doubt co-exist? Can doubt strengthen your faith? What happened between Jesus and Thomas? What does Barry have to say?

The service closed with “Living Hope”

Passages:  1Cor 15: 1-3, John 21: 25, John 3: 16, Mark 9: 14, John 1: 29, Matt 11: 13, Luke 7: 28, John 11: 14-16, John 20: 24-25, 26-28

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