By Faith: Moses

Nathan Harris November 25, 2018

Date:  25.11.18

Pastor Nathan Harris continues our series in Hebrews 11 with “By Faith: Moses”

Today is our Thanksgiving service. We have so much to be thankful for. What is it to live by faith? What about Moses? What about us? Faith can influence generations. Jesus knows our burdens, when faith is tested. Moses gave up a lot, he answered God’s call to serve and give to others, by faith. Faith means to get moving, going forward by faith. Faith means to point people to Jesus, keeping the faith.

The service closed with “Oceans”

Passages: Heb 11: 6, Heb 10, Heb 11: 23-29, Ps 100: 4-5, 1Tim 6: 17, 19, Ex 14: 15, Hag 1, 2

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