Jono Harris March 8, 2021

Date: 07.03.2021

We are blessed to share in two baptisms tonight.

Pastor Jono Harris continues our “Teach us to pray” series from “The Prayer Course” with “Unanswered Prayer”

God moves in mysterious ways. He doesn’t forget our prayers. There can be unanswered prayers. What can be said about this? It is highly complex, His thoughts are higher. How can we understand unanswered prayer? We do have a living hope, a heavenly inheritance. What is God’s desire in you? Even Jesus suffered in obedience for God’s glory.

The service closed with “Reign Above It All

Passages: Is 55: 8-9, Gen 3, John 16: 33, 2Cor 12: 7-10, Acts 20: 24, Rom 12, Matt 6: 33, Prov 3: 5-6, Jer 29: 11, James 4: 3, Luke 18: 1, Is 53: 3, Luke 22: 42, 44, Matt 27: 26, Gen 20, Is 55, Rev 21: 1-7

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