Seriously Course has been running for a number of years and is one not to be missed. Come along on Tuesday nights for these intellectually stimulating seminars as Jonathan Clerke and his team engage us on a variety of topics.

Topics will include:

Tuesday 30th October:
– Is the New Testament telling the truth about Jesus?
– Don’t all scientists believe in Evolution?
– Was the Old Testament copied accurately?
– How long was a day in Genesis?
– Q&A

Tuesday 6th November:
– Do demons exist?
– Do dating methods prove the earth is old?
– Q&A 

Tuesday 13th November:
– Evidence for God creating the world: Irreducible complexity and blood clotting.
– Evidence for the existence of God from DNA: Three parts
– Q&A

Monday 19th November: 

Course Date:  Tuesday 30th October, Tuesday 6th November, Tuesday 13th November & Monday 19th November 2018
Duration: 4 weeks
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Facilitator: Jon Clerke

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