Preparation for Marriage Course

If you’re like most people you prepare and plan for many things in life: education, career, retirement and holidays. And most couples spend up to 250 hours planning their wedding, but very little time, if any, planning for married life. There are many things you can do to begin building a lifelong, happy marriage. Investing in your relationship before you are married will reap rewards for many years to come.

Over five sessions of the course, you will discover practical tools to help you build the foundations for a lasting marriage. You will look at:

  • The importance of commitment
  • How to recognise and appreciate your differences
  • The art of communication
  • Resolving conflict
  • The importance of spending time together and nurturing your friendship
  • Making each other feel loved
  • Developing a good sexual relationship
  • The importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams

The course will be experienced over zoom and will set aside time for you to respond to content and converse together. All discussion will happen in the context of you and your partner.

Alpha Preparation for Marriage Online Course
Facilitator: Pastor Andrew Carnell
Dates: TBC
Where: On the Zoom platform – Links will be sent out upon registration