This course is for those who want to establish a solid foundation for their Christian life. They may be new Christians or Christians who have never been properly discipled in the foundations. The first  study summarizes the first essential step to Christ and what it means to be a true Christian. This is to make sure the primary commitment to Christ is clear and solid before going on to the principles of spiritual growth.

Then the following studies will take you step by step through the important foundation areas of your relationship with Christ. These are essential if you are to go on and grow strong. Even some who have been Christians for many years have never properly established these foundation steps.  Through the simple and clear studies with questions for reflection and discussion following, you will be able to lay that solid foundation as you cover these essential areas of the Christian life.

Omega Discipleship Course Information

Facilitator: Ian Mallins
Course Date: 2021 dates to be released soon!
Duration: 6 Weeks
Location: Bridgeman Baptist Community Church – The House
Cost: $15 for workbook

Study 1: Becoming a child of God
Study 2. What has happened?
Study 3. Welcome into the Family
Study 4. Dealing with the past
Study 5. Can I be sure?
Study 6. Life under new management