8 AUGUST 2021


This Week…

While in another lockdown this week I was again reminded of the incredible strength, confidence and peace that can be drawn from knowing the One who is in control.

Psalm 95

For the Lord is the great God,
    the great King above all gods.
In his hand are the depths of the earth,
    and the mountain peaks belong to him.
The sea is his, for he made it,
    and his hands formed the dry land.

Come, let us bow down in worship,
    let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;
for he is our God
    and we are the people of his pasture,
    the flock under his care.

I love the picture given in this Psalm…the One that holds the whole world in His hands is also our shepherd. We are under His care.

One of the key ways God shows His love and care in these times is through His people. This week let us ask God to speak to us and lead us in ways we can bless others through the lockdown period. It might be through a simple text message? A gift or kind gesture? It may be to someone in our church or it might be a neighbour or work colleague but let us be intentional as we look outwards and take the opportunities to love in this unique season. We want to continue to support our community in this lockdown. If you or others are in need of support and encouragement please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] with a prayer request.

I was so encouraged to receive text messages from a past neighbour on Sunday who I haven’t seen for five years. He had been watching our service online and had texted to thank me. I had no idea he was watching our online services and it made me wonder how many others God is speaking to and blessing through this ministry. Thanks so much to the tech and admin teams as well as many ministry leaders who have responded so quickly over the past week to get our services and other ministries online. This week, Divorce Care, Alpha, Re-Connected Man, KYB and Connect groups were all able to continue.

This Sunday we continue in our “Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God” series. With the current lockdown, we have a unique opportunity to slow down and listen to God. Why not begin to journal throughout this series? A journal specifically made for this series can be ordered online at  www.bridgeman.org.au/whisper/ and will be posted to you. It is also not too late to join a Connect group at the link above or by emailing Pastor Dan – [email protected]. We would love to have more and more people join for this four-week series.

The Glen Innes Hub is also joining us in this series. Ten of the Whisper Journals have been sent out to the church and they are also accessing the materials through RightNow Media. We are so thankful for the way God is using online church and the way technology has opened up opportunities to encourage one another from a distance. 

We are also looking forward to our anniversary Sunday on 29 August which will be a special service of celebration. We are planning to have baptisms at all of our services on that day. Personal stories of transformation are always a powerful witness to the work of Jesus. This will be a great day to invite family and friends too. Also, if you have been considering baptism or would like to know more please contact one of the pastors or email [email protected] and we would love to connect and encourage you as you explore this step of faith.

ANDREW CARNELL – Lead Ministries Pastor

Online this Weekend

With the current lockdown restrictions we will not meet in-person this weekend but will continue to join together online at 10am and 6pm.

Ps. Nathan will continue our Whisper: Hearing from God series in the morning and Ps. David will share at night.

Services can be viewed on Bridgeman.Live, YouTube and Facebook.

We don’t want to just consume church in this season, let’s ensure we are still doing community well. Continue to reach out to those around you and share the life journey together.









Finance during lockdown

Thank you to everyone who contributed to last week’s general offering.  With the lockdown preventing our ability to meet, those who give using cash were not able to pass on their offering.  Whilst the majority of offerings are received electronically, we continue to receive regular cash offerings each week. This meant that our budget shortfall last week of around $10,000 was made larger through the inability of many to give.  With the lockdown continuing, we trust that when we are able to meet, our budget giving will increase. We continue to trust in God’s provision for all our needs.
Historical Note – During the major lockdown following the initial impact of Covid, the continued very generous giving in this church meant that we did not qualify as a church for the government support which was made available through JobKeeper. Through this season, with the sacrificial support of so many in our church family, around $120,000 was used to gift thousands with food hampers and meals throughout our city. Thank you, church for your faithfulness during this testing season.

Heart for the City Appeal

Appeal target (30 June 2022): $900,000
Gifts last week:
Total funds raised: $701,000

We are thankful for another $1000 in gifts received last week towards our Heart for the City Appeal. Praise God!  We thank God for this amazing venue in the heart of the city and believe the Lord is going to keep using this Christian base to bring the blessing of Christ to many people.  Thank you to those who gave last week to this Kingdom vision. We appreciate the support of Gadens Lawyers who donated their fees (i.e. not charging) for the work that they provided on the settlement of Level 1/81 Elizabeth St. This was a sizeable transaction, complicated by the simultaneous exercising of the option, and Gadens provided a huge amount of work supporting Cameron Cooling as he led the legals from Bridgeman’s side. A big thank you to John Nicolas and his team at Gadens for the work they provided and also to Cameron Cooling for his expertise and time in overseeing this important transaction.

Anniversary Thanksgiving Offering

At our 29th Anniversary, Sunday 29 August, there is a special opportunity to bring a gift or commitment towards our Heart for the City Appeal, expressing our personal and corporate gratitude for our Father’s goodness to us over another year and to express our faith for the year ahead.

God has wonderfully enabled us to purchase Level 1 /81 Elizabeth Street Brisbane City. We are trusting that this thanksgiving offering will help us achieve the goal of raising half the funds for this strategic kingdom location in the heart of our city. Please prayerfully consider the investment God might be leading you to make in this strategic Kingdom plan.

Financial Support for Covid need in South Asia

Last week, through Simon Rattray, we received a request from Vimal and Hannah, who shared at our missions conference last year via Zoom.

Greetings in Jesus name. I hope you are doing well, and God is covering you under His protection in this pandemic. We are here with an update on the Dumping yard people. The rainy season causes major problems for food and shelter. They sleep on the mud as the ground is so wet. They are unable to cook as the rain is so heavy that firewood is wet. Tears rolled as we see how they struggle. The place is rapidly turning into mud puddles and when access to clean drinking water and sanitation is not at all available, the risk of diseases will increase. They need our hands now, who can give daily bread and proper sheets to cover their tents. Even infants are under torn sheets. We brought them food packs today knowing that they have been starving. We are praying for daily food at least one time if we can give them, and plastic sheet to cover the tent and blankets to cover them in this cold season. An amount of $2,500 is needed to meet these needs. In Him, Vimal and Hannah.

In response to this request, we will be passing on $2,500, drawn from our World Aid budget funds and the Soul Op Shop proceeds. We thank God for our Christian connections which enables us to support Christian brothers and sisters who are serving in some of the neediest places in the world.

Baptism News

Due to the current lockdown the baptism planned for this Sunday is being postponed until our Anniversary Sunday 29 August when we trust we will be able to meet.

Last Sunday Pastor Nathan shared the following in the newsletter. I also want to remind you that as part of our Anniversary Celebrations on Sunday the 29 August we are holding a special baptism Sunday. We are planning to have baptisms at all of our services on this day. What a great way to worship Jesus together on our Anniversary as we give thanks for what it is all about, seeing people encounter the life transforming grace and truth of Jesus. If you would like to know more you can contact one of the pastors or email [email protected] and we would be so glad to encourage you as you explore this exciting step of faith.

We thank God for the 42 people who have already been baptised in 2021 and we continue to pray Pastor Nathan’s big prayer asking god for 82 baptisms this year.

Extract from Maree’s recent baptism story

My connection to Jesus was growing and I was feeling joy again. Whatever this is at Bridgey I want to explore more so I said to Lyn Clark what should I do? She suggested I come along to Inspire. I did and then one day I said to her – Oh my goodness, something just happened to me in there today, that tangible feeling, The Holy Spirit within. I was in tears and so filled with Joy and Peace. This kept happening to me and I progressed to coming on Sunday as well. Then I did Alpha and Beyond Alpha with Pastor Jodi, Pastor Dan and so many other wonderful people who supported me through this learning journey. I now love going to Church and can’t wait for next time. When I pray now I have deep personal conversations with God. The joy I feel, I have never felt before, the peace I feel especially when we have our regular D and Ms throughout the day. I am so thankful knowing that Jesus loved me through all the times I couldn’t love myself. Jesus gives me hope, strength and encouragement. He is my healer, my peace, my provider. I am blessed and grateful every day walking with Him. I accept Jesus as my Lord and saviour. 


Last Week's Tuesday morning snapshot

Prior to last week’s lock down, a Tuesday morning snapshot provided a glimpse of some of the ways in which people are engaged regularly in Kingdom activity here at Bridgeman and beyond.
The playtime team were serving many from our community in the children’s ministry centre.
The sewing group was creating items to fill Operation Christmas Child boxes in the Bridgecare centre.
Pastor Jodi and Myra from the Bridgecare team were helping a young mum move out of her accommodation at the caravan park.
The community garden volunteers were at work propagating the plants and flowers in the community garden.
Pastor Travis Grainger and Ty Thomas were speaking to a large group of Grace College students in A1 as they completed an assignment for their religious studies course.
A great team of Op shop volunteers were hard at work in the Brown and White houses.
Brian and Jim were working on some maintenance projects painting doors and renewing the guttering of the Brown house.
The grounds volunteer team and some of the weeding team were again hard at work keeping the property in good order and safe for everyone. (Two trees in the A2 carpark have recently been removed due to rot and white ant damage).
The technical team were working on a relocation of the back camera, freeing up an additional 15-20 seats in A1. This was made possible through the gift of some technical equipment. A committed skilled volunteer of the team was also servicing all the lights on the overhead bars.
The office team and the pastoral care team were also hard at work following through on a myriad of admin and financial tasks and caring for many who are in need in our church and community.
And the Anchor Coffee bar was in operation thanks to Rebecca serving playtime parents and many others who enjoy a morning coffee.
Thank you to all those who are serving Christ and our community every day here at Bridgeman and beyond. Praise God!


Do you enjoy chatting to different people? Do you enjoy being with young families? Do you like little children?

COVID has limited our numbers and prevented some families from returning to Playtime this year. We would love to be able to offer another day of Playtime soon but need your help. We are looking for enthusiastic helpers of all ages to join our teams, to get to know the routine and the families, to welcome the crowds and show them the love of the Lord.

It is rewarding to see the joy on little faces, to listen and to talk with the adults, encouraging them on lifes journey and to be a part of this team of volunteers.

The commitment is one morning a week during school terms from 8:30am-12pm. Lisa Mullins would love to hear from you or answer any questions about this great ministry.

Email: [email protected]


Love children? Available Fridays 9.30am- 11am? KYB (Know Your Bible) groups meet Friday mornings at the church. We operate a creche to provide care for children while their mums gather to study God’s Word.

We are looking to add to our dedicated team of creche helpers. If you have a heart for children and have some availability on Friday mornings during school terms – we would love to hear from you!

Please contact KYB coordinator, Roxanne Schofield for more information [email protected] mobile: 0402224568

Hearing From God Journal

As part of our church-wide series we’ve put together a 28 Day – Hearing from God journal as a helpful resource. A great way to hear from God is to get into a regular pattern of daily reading and keeping a spiritual journal.
If you’d like one for yourself they are available for $6 which includes postage. They can be purchased here: bit.ly/3iiELZI
A big thank you to Bre Harris for the design and Matt Naughton for looking after all the printing!

New series for Bridgeman City Church

On Friday, Bridgeman City Church commenced their new series ‘Jesus, as seen in Acts’. Across the second half of 2021, Matt and the city congregation are going to survey the life of Jesus as we see Him alive and active by His Spirit in the book of Acts. More info about services in the city can be found HERE.

In the first six months of 2021 Matt and the team went through the Gospel of Luke. The sermon podcasts from the series can be found HERE.


Supporting Bridgecare

In times of crisis the church steps up. Bridgecare is an important part of our church – formally reaching out and serving those in need in our community. For more infomation about the work Bridgecare does click HERE.

Streetlight is continuing to serve those experiencing homelessness and disadvantaged members of our local area in this difficult time (within COVID regulations). If you can support the work they’re doing, that can be done HERE.


Alpha on pause

We’ve had a great start to our Alpha courses over the last couple of weeks. Due to the lockdown, we are currently on pause but will return next week in person if possible. Should restrictions continue we will look into an online alternative. 

Break-ins at Bridgecare

Last week, during the lockdown period, there was a break-in at the Bridgecare shed with a number of items, including the trailer and power tools, stolen. This follows a similar break-in about a month ago. Police have been notified on both occasions and some of the goods from the first break-in were subsequently located by police. 
Measures are being considered to improve the security around the top property which is in a fairly isolated and nonvisible part of our property. We would encourage those who regularly drive past the church property to be especially vigilant concerning any unusual activity.

The Bridgecare team would value prayer concerning this disruption to their ministry as these losses involve additional work in reporting and replacing stolen items. Of course when ministry is being effective then there are often challenges in the spiritual realm and so we want to cover this situation with much prayer.

Facilitated Listening Prayer

Another opportunity during our Whisper: Hearing from God church-wide series is to take this opportunity to do a spiritual retreat at some stage over the next month.

To help with this we have put together a Spiritual Retreat guide as an extra resource. These will be available at the info table. Added to this there is an opportunity to Facilitated Listening Prayer with Alison Hodges here at the church. Paul and Ally Hodges have been serving full-time in Cambodia for many years and have experienced firsthand the power of taking time to hear from God. They are back in Australia for six months and Ally has offered her time to hold a one hour guided spiritual retreat here at the church.

If restrictions ease on Sunday and it is possible to meet in person these sessions will be held at the church in the Mezzanine Prayer room. Wednesday 11, 18 & 25 August at 11am and 7pm.

If we are still in lockdown these sessions will be facilitated online on zoom at the following times: Wednesday 11, 18, 25 at 7am and 8pm.

If needed the ZOOM links are below:

Facilitated Listening Prayer – 7AM: LINK HERE

Meeting ID: 848 2650 6709

Passcode: 186035

Facilitated Listening Prayer – 8PM: LINK HERE

Meeting ID: 835 4088 0798

Passcode: 840811

For more information and to register you can email [email protected]

Check your ministries

With the uncertainty around things at the moment please make sure to check in with your ministry leaders about any changes that may affect you. 

Join us as we pray in this season

MONDAY: 6.30am – 7.15am

TUESDAY: 6.30am – 7.15am, 12pm – 12:45pm, 8:00pm – 9:00pm

WEDNESDAY: 6.30am – 7.15am

THURSDAY: 6.30am – 7.15am

FRIDAY: 6.30am – 7.15am

SUNDAY: 4pm – 5pm, 5pm – 5.45pm

All prayer times are online until the easing of restrictions. Join the ZOOM link HERE

More info: bridgeman.org.au/prayer

Family News

We extend heartfelt sympathy to Louise and Richard Edwards and their family on the passing of Louise’s father in South Africa. This has been such a difficult time as distance and travel restrictions have all added to the grief of the family. We assure the whole family both here in Australia and in South Africa of our Christian fellowship and prayers during this challenging time.

We extend heartfelt sympathy to Desley and Chris Donaldson and their family on the passing of Desley’s mother at 97 years of age. Desley’s mother had a long association with Aspley Uniting Church.  Our Christian fellowship and prayers surround the family as they prepare to share in a service of thanksgiving for their mother’s long and fruitful life.

Tony Doevandans remains confined to the hospital following a recent sports accident. While normally confined to a wheelchair, Tony is an active sportsman with a zest for life. Many will remember his being the promotional voice of the 2016 Rio Paralympics. He often blesses Bridgey with his singing.  Please pray also for Tony’s wife Carolyn as Tony remains in isolation.

Mark Wakeling has been admitted to the hospital during the past week, We pray for wisdom for the medical team. Pray also for Rosemary as she shares her love and care.

Carol Rice values prayers for relief from continuing pain following recent orthopaedic surgery. We assure Carol and Brian of our prayers.

Allynne Elliott has encountered some challenges following recent bypass surgery.  We pray for wisdom as specialists monitor her progress. Pray also for David as he shares loving home care.

Margaret Brown remains in-home care and deeply values our constant prayers. This is a challenging pathway for Margaret, Bob and their loved ones. Their eyes remain upon the Lord and are ever thankful for the prayers of the extended church family.

We surround Joyce and Allen Campbell in prayer as Joyce is in need of the Lord’s gracious healing touch upon her. These have been challenging days and we would not fail to bring them constantly before the Throne of Grace.

Likewise, we assure Vicki Williams, Mel Lustri and  Grant Armour and their loved ones of our prevailing prayers for the Lord’s powerful intervention and comforting presence. There are also others within the extended church family who are facing similar challenges. As the Lord brings them to mind, please draw aside for earnest prayer for the Lord’s gracious intervention.

Please Pray for many within our church family who have loved ones in approximately 50 countries of the world for whom they share great concern regarding Covid. We join with our brothers and sisters in prayer for their safety in these challenging times.

Lakeisha Patterson at Tokyo Paralympics

Lakeisha Patterson who has been worshipping here at Bridgeman for a number of years, travelled last week to Tokyo for the Paralympics. Lakeisha is planning to swim again in the 400 m freestyle event which she won at the last Paralympics.

Lakeisha would value our prayers as she had brain surgery just a week ago and the Covid risk is of special concern with her medical challenges. She would love to be well enough to compete.

We were blessed earlier this year when Lakeisha shared her story to faith at an evening service and we pray that our heavenly Father will continue to powerfully use Lakeisha’s life for his glory. If you’d like to watch that this can be done HERE

If you would like to personally send her a message of encouragement then please click HERE



Our City and Nation:

  •  We lift up our city and pray for health and safety during this uncertain time
  •  We pray for wisdom for our leaders as they continue to make tough decisions
  •  We ask God to work through this period to touch the lives of many 
  •  We pray for mental health as many struggle with isolation and insecurity

Our Community:

  •  We pray for a deep sense of community to continue within our Church even as we are separated 
  •  We seek God’s help as many ministries and groups navigate the move back online
  •  That Bridgeman would be a light upon a hill for the local community
  •  That many would grow in their faith during this season

New Church-wide series:

  • That many would learn what it means to hear the voice of God in their own lives
  • That the voice of God would be heard throughout the Church body during and after the ‘Whisper’ series.