If you’re like most people you prepare and plan for many things in life: education, career, retirement and holidays. And most couples spend up to 250 hours planning their wedding, but very little time, if any, planning for married life.

There are many things you can do to begin building a lifelong, happy marriage. Investing in your relationship before you are married will reap rewards for many years to come.

Over five sessions of the course, you will discover practical tools to help you build the foundations for a lasting marriage. You will look at:

  • Communication

  • Conflict

  • Commitment

  • Connection

  • Adventure


Course Details

Commencing: 10 September 2023
Course Duration: 5 weeks
2:30pm – 4:15pm 
Where: Bridgeman Baptist Church – The Chapel 
Who: Engaged/looking to be engaged couples 
Cost: Free! Snacks and drinks provided!  

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