During the past two and half years, we have sensed continual affirmation that God has led us to establish a worshipping, witnessing community in Brisbane city.

The Heart for the City Appeal looks to help fund the investment into Brisbane City through the purchase of Level 1, 81 Elizabeth Street.

Check out the below to find out more about the history and vision behind the Heart for the City Appeal and to discover how you can invest into the work God is doing in the heart of our city.




During the past two and half years, we have sensed continual affirmation that God has led us to establish a worshipping, witnessing community in Brisbane city.

There have been amazing stories of lives being transformed by the gospel. Weekly ministry has commenced in a 900-person student accommodation tower that has opened three doors down from the venue. A kingdom partnership has formed with Gateway Baptist, who have launched their thriving city campus out of Level 1, 81 Elizabeth St.

God has also given several visionary directions across this time, including Jeremiah 29:7, Ezekiel 47 and Jeremiah 17:7-8. These words fill us with confidence that God has wonderful plans to unfold in our city.

During our two-week prayer tour (May 2020), God gifted us with a wonderful prophetic image of what His calling looks like. 

Here is an excerpt of the explanation of this aft.

“The Lord shared a beautiful picture that night [at a Bridgeman City service] of our praises as a church rising up to Him as sweet fragrances, (rising flowers/garden) not only was the fragrance pleasing to Him – the fragrance and garden began to cover the city, flowers and vines and fresh green trees filled the city. I distinctly remember seeing vines going out from the church building and wrapping around buildings of the city. The fragrance being released filled the air and covered over all of Brisbane city like a heavy mist. It was such a beautiful picture I literally began to smile and tear up.”




Along with the two-year lease, Bridgeman also has the right to purchase the property prior to May 2021.

As a church we have been prayerfully considering the possibility of purchasing this unique site and felt affirmed that God has called us to secure Level 1, 81 Elizabeth St. The purchase price is $1.834 million.

There have been several considerations here:

– The Holy Spirit’s leading during our recent season of prayer.

– The timing of specific circumstances, including a large one-off gift that came during the decision making phase.

– Real estate for churches in Brisbane City is rare, particularly property already zoned as a place of worship, with facilities that have been proven appropriate for ministry. This is why groups of other religious affiliations have had a recent interest in purchasing the venue.

– This is a vision bigger than just Bridgeman. It is about securing inner city real estate for the kingdom of God as a whole. This includes an intention to continue our partnership with Gateway Baptist at Elizabeth St. We believe God has called Bridgeman at this time, to steward this kingdom opportunity.

– We also recognise the strategic importance of the city centre in the overall development of the culture of a city. There has been a significant migration towards inner city dwelling particularly by the millennial generation.



As a church, we are seeking to raise $600,000 over and above our regular giving across the 2020-21 financial year ($125,000 has already been provided), with a view to borrow the remaining $1,234,000.

We predict that this will increase Bridgeman’s total borrowings in the vicinity of $7.5m, which is not above the current debt servicing amount allocated in our budget.



This is a faith stretching vision in a season of economic uncertainty but we want to be a people who walk by faith and not by sight (2 Cor 5:7) as He guides and calls us.

We believe the Holy Spirit is unfolding a mighty plan to bless many in Brisbane City and want to be counted among those who respond in faith and obedience as He leads us as His people.

We invite you to prayerfully discern if God is leading you to invest financially in enabling the purchase of this unique site in the heart of Brisbane city.

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