FREE TO BE ME: A New Perspective
A course to discover the real you.
(This course is for women only)

This course could lead you to find new ways of discovering the real you. This course is about investing in yourself. Some do this course because they have realised they either don’t know who they really are, or they have abandoned their real self. Life may have brought some challenges, hurt and pain, which, in some way, has contributed to a ‘self’ that they would now wish to redefine.

This course helps you to discover your God-given potential. You can learn new truths and new ways to live. You will share this exciting personal growth journey with other people in a supportive, safe, and confidential environment.

It has a sound informational base and practical group work dealing with behavioral, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. It has been prepared and sourced from qualified people in the areas of social work, psychology, counselling, teaching and theology.

TOPICS COVERED: What is self-worth? How our self-worth is formed. Consequences of believing lies. The internal war and life influences. Anger and unresolved sorrow. Guilt, shame and fear. Self-control and reinterpreting our self-worth. Choices and faith. Personal transformation and true beliefs. Living ‘Free to Be Me’.

Duration: 10 weeks
Facilitator: Pastor Jodi Traves, Debbie Peacock
Course Date: Commencing Thursday mornings, starting April 20th
Cost: TBC
Limited places available so please email [email protected] as soon as possible.

Registrations are unfortunately now closed for this course.  Future course dates to be advised.

Please contact the office on (07) 3263 1950 or email [email protected] for inquiries or more information.