Seriously 2021

Seriously Course has been running for many years and is one not to be missed. Come along to these intellectually stimulating seminars as Jonathan Clerke and his team engage us on a variety of topics.
Sessions will be on Thursday nights, starting on 7 October and finishing on the 28th, starting 7:00 pm each night
Speakers include Dr Ron Neller, a world famous Geomorphologist, who as a highly experienced scientist came to  know Jesus Christ. 
The other five speakers are: Christyn Wood, Sarah-Jayne McElnae, Bill Robertson, Dr Owen Nichols, and Jonathan Clerke
Topics for Seriously 2021 include:
• Did people once live as old as a thousand years?
• Noah’s flood, sediments & fossils 
• How finely-tuned is our universe? A fortunate coincidence or intentional design? 
• Bird navigation: A signpost to God?
• The origin of consciousness
• Could birds have evolved from dinosaurs?
• Was the NT copied accurately, and did Jesus tell the truth?
• Did the Babylonians write Genesis before Moses? 
Course Date:  7th October, 14th October, 21st  & 28th October
Duration: 4 weeks
Time: 7pm – 9.30pm
Location: A2 (at Bridgeman)
Facilitator: Jon Clerke
Event Details

October 14 – 28, 2021

7:00 pm – 9:30 pm