Nicola McDermott 🥈 | “Revivals again in the stadiums”

🥈 When Nicola McDermott won silver in women’s high jump at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she soon became a household name, captivating the world with her awesome achievement and becoming known for her journaling on the field. More than just her sporting achievement, Nicola declared to the nation her hopes of seeing stadiums filled not just for athletics but for revivals of faith as well.
For her Christ comes first. Despite being one of the most respected jumpers on the athletics world circuit she is driven by a love for Jesus and determined to lead a life giving glory to Him.
⛪ We are excited to welcome Nicola on Sunday 4 December at our 8am and 10am services as she shares with us and We’d love you to join us (and maybe even invite a friend)… 👋
📺 Watch Nicola’s 2021 interview:
Event Details

December 4, 2022

8:00 am – 12:00 pm (8AM & 10AM Services)