Blind Surfer | Derek Rabelo

Join us on Sunday 20 November at the 4pm or 6pm church services as we hear from blind, big wave surfer, Derek Rabelo.

Derek Rabelo is an internationally renowned big wave surfer. His story was captured in the movie “Beyond Sight” and is one of the most inspiring stories you will ever hear.

Born with glaucoma, Rabelo grew up in Brazil’s coastal city of Guarapari with a surf-mad father and two uncles who were professional surfers. His blindness, he said, was never considered a barrier to the ocean but it wasn’t until a present of a surfboard from his father on his 17th birthday that Derek tried riding his first waves.

Five years later he was a professional surfer.

Derek has an incredible story of faith and insight as to what it means to live by faith. God’s work in his life is as inspiring as the life that He lives. Don’t miss this opportunity to invite friends to hear what is a unique and powerful story.

Event Details

November 20, 2022

4:00 pm – 7:30 pm (4pm & 6pm Services)