A Night in Syria and Iraq – 5 Years On

Over five years ago the first of our Syrian and Iraqi families arrived at Bridgeman to attend playtime. This initial connection led to our first “A night in Syria” event, held in the Chapel, five years ago when hundreds of people from Bridgeman were moved to get to know the families and help them on their journey. Over the following year many more joined as God allowed us to walk with over 25 Syrian and Iraqi families encouraging them with simple acts of love as they found their feet in our country. These families have excelled and many now have jobs or have set up their own businesses and the young people are studying at university. Within this story God has impacted so many of our lives as we have grown and learnt from one another. “A Night in Syria and Iraq – 5 Years on” is a chance to come together to share some of these stories and the way God has impacted our lives and to thank Him for all He has done.

When: Saturday 5pm – 8pm, 6 May 2023

Where: A1 Courtyard for meal and A2 for special program

What: Share a meal together (5pm-6:30pm) before a program (6:30-8pm)

Cost: FREE

Register: HERE

Event Details

379 Albany Creek Rd, Bridgeman Downs

May 6, 2023

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm